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Cord of 6 exists to help families grow closer to God and each other. Every day our families are faced with conflicts that threaten to unravel the family cord. Marriages are struggling to survive. Parents are stressed and overwhelmed. People are hurting. 

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 When we look to God for strength, He gives us comfort and peace in our trials. As we grow closer to God we also grow closer to each other. He teaches us how to trust Him and love others the way He loves us.

I’m Valerie, a busy Christian mother of four energetic children ages 13, 10, 8 and 6. I’ve been married to my husband Tim for 20 years. We are a family of 6 that loves deeply and strives to stick together. We are frayed but forgiven, and held together by our Savior.

I pray as you visit here you will find hope and comfort in whatever trial you are facing. 

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

Keeping Marriage Strong


Keeping Family Strong




 Facing Fear


Book Reviews


Hope for the Overwhelmed Mom

  I practically dropped to the ground along with the heavy Costco bag I was carrying, filled to the brim with paper towels, Clorox wipes, and school supplies, as my son’s teacher introduced herself. She recognized me right away. I tried to catch my breath and... read more

His and Her Tips to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Part One: Her Tips If I could sit down and tell my 23-year-old self a few tips to help her along this great adventure of marriage, I would sure have a lot to say! Marriage has certainly made me a better person as I have learned to love through the good and bad times.... read more

When Mother’s Day is Hard

“Mom, don’t come downstairs!” I anticipated their sweet gestures of appreciation as I secretly withstood my need for an immediate cup of coffee. And then they led me down the stairway filled with fake flower petals from my table arrangements. Handmade arrows taped to... read more

10 Tips to Help You Relax in an MRI

As my body entered the MRI coffin I couldn’t catch my breath and yelled for the technician to “get me out of here.”  I’ve never considered myself to be claustrophobic. In fact, I didn’t even check that box on the survey before the MRI. I... read more

5 Things Pain Taught Me

Pain has been my teacher lately. An MRI revealed that I have bulging discs in my neck pinching on my C-6 nerve causing numbness, pain, and twitching in my right arm, shoulder and back.  The last several weeks, I’ve made trips to the chiropractor, physical therapist... read more

Risen Indeed!

Are you in need of some encouragement? This week I found myself  laying all night in an ER bed trying to find answers to the incapacitating pain in my neck and shoulder that immobilized me. I focused on God’s attributes from A to Z while entombed in an MRI... read more

Promises to Fill Your Spiritual Cup

(This post contains an affiliate link) When I was 19 I became very sick and went to the doctor several times only to be sent home with “the flu.” When my legs became so weak that I could barely walk, I knew it had to be more than just a bad case of the seasonal flu. I... read more

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